Windows Mobile 5 .cpf files

I am trying to execute a cpf file on my HP IPaq which runs WIndows Mobile 5.  I used this tutorial to create a certificate and install it on my device.  I thien created a cpl file and signed it but I get the error "Your device settings could not be changed by myfile.cpf"  I even tried signing it with the SDKSamplePrivDeveloper.pfx  provoded with the Mobile 5 SDK and that didnt work.

I am trying to enable rapi functions on the handheld.  I tried manualy editiing the registry using two different programs and one didnt work and the other gave the error message "Access Denied".

Does anyone know how to use a cpf file to change the settings on Windows Mobile 5?

Thank you

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Gary CutriConnect With a Mentor Data & Communications SpecialistCommented:
Most WM5 devices have been locked to only accept trusted certs (e.g. VeriSign, Tawte etc), there is one trick if you are using an existing cert that is used for https connections.  As an example our server cert is used when we connect to Outlook web mail and if you select "View Certificate" when the security alert appears and then select "install" IE then places that Cert in the trusted folder.  One you have done this you can go to IE and select Tools & Options, then select the content tab and select the certificates button.  Within the certificates window go to trusted certs and click on the cert that was assigned from your server, once selected press the export button and export the cert (Leave all cert export settings default).  This cert youj ust exported will be able to be installed on a WM5 device.

I have tested this to enable SSL for PUSH email on the i-mate JAMin, SP5 and K-Jam.
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