Default new email users to .com instead of .local

Hello All,

I just finished installing domino 6.5 on a new 2003 server and the clients doamin is "domain-name.corp" and everytime I create a new user in domino their email is employee-name@domain-name.corp

How do I change Domino to default it to .com for the newly created users email addresses?



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SysExpertConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I am not sure that you can. But it is simple enough to create an agent to change it to whatever you need.

Also check the Default Domain and similar docs about how the Internet name should look.

I hope this helps !
brwwigginsConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
Are you tied in with Active Directory?

When you register new users with the admin client the administration preferences control the internet domain that the users are registered with.

As SysExpert said, for existing users in the directory you can update the addresses with an agent.
TTCTECHConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I believe that the default domain is somehow embedded in the ID which you use when registering users.  We have the same situation here, where an ID (used since before I became the Domino Admin) has an outdated domain name.  I'm not sure how to change it though.
marilyngConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Lasareath,
> How do I change Domino to default it to .com

Question, should all be changed to  if so, then you probably have to migrate everyone to a new domain.
To do this, you're going to need a temporary server for the new domain,, and configure it to the new domain, creating new ou's, o's, adminstration id's, etc.

if old was: server1/servers/domain-name.corp, then new is: server1/servers/

Then you basically create adjacent domains, share the address books, and plan very carefully how you're going to migrate users to the new domain.

Basically, once you have the new server, with the new address book, and the new, logs, etc.  
(let's see if I remember this)

Here is an excellent outline of the steps:

The only problem I had when I did this, was I had to go to users workstation's and change their server name, else they couldn't connect. (I think I skipped a step!)

Also this one for Reservations:

Plan, plan, plan, and also test.   This isn't as bad as changing domains and  upgrading at the same time.

Just remember to restamp all your databases with the new id, else all your agents will stop running :)

Other note, found that if my users had a lot of local databases, that those needed a button to run ahead of time to add their new name to the local ACL, along with any server names, etc.  Test on encrypted local databases, too.

LasareathAuthor Commented:
Thanks Everyone, I will be at the client's office later today, I will give everything a Shot. And come back with who is the Winner!
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