C# (Compact Framework on Pocket PC 2003): Detect if BlueTooth hardware is present in device.

Good day everyone,

I have a need to identify whether or not a Pocket PC 2003 device has BlueTooth hardware installed. I would like to do so in C# rather than eVC++ as my application is written in C#. I've compared devices w/ and w/o BlueTooth and did not find differences in the registry which is not to say they are not there and I simply overlooked them, although I was pretty detailed.

If you can tell me a simple way to detect whether or not a device features BlueTooth hardware, the points are yours. I'm giving 500 pts as the matter is urgent to me.

Thank you very much for your help in advance!
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GranModConnect With a Mentor Commented:
PAQed with points refunded (500)

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Bluetooth functionality is more controllable — The BthGetMode and BthSetMode functions, declared in bthutil.h, provide the ability to query the current state of the Bluetooth control panel, as well as modify its state (Bluetooth Power Off, Connectable, Discoverable and so on.)

Here's a .Net library you could probably use; again, this is for microsoft bluetooth stack only.

BigMacD86Author Commented:

Thanks very much for your quick reply. I think I figured out how I can do it. I am already using the OpenNETCF; however, it is an older version that does not include the properties and methods that I want to use, so I'll have to look into either a new assembly or simply ripping out source of the CF and compile it into my app.

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