No Network connections

I've installed a new instance of Enterprise Server but I have no network connectivity.  Control panel -> Network Connections only shows the New Connection Wizard, and  when I add a new connection, it says it completed successfully but there is no connection in the folder.

Do I have to enable something manually?

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mcsweenSr. Network AdministratorCommented:
Right click My Computer, Manage, Device Manager

Under Network Adapters you should see your device.  If you do not see your device look for a Network adapter with a yellow question mark.  If you see the yellow ? then you have to install drivers for your NIC.  If you do not see the ? or an installed network adapter then there either isn't one in there or the one installed is defective and isn't being detected by the OS.
Hi tradeline,

bingo! mcsween is 110% on
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