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Problem using dcom dll in ASP.NET for a custom application that interfaces with Hummingbird DM. Getting Cannot create ActiveX component if late bind and permissions issue if early bind.


I'm writing a custom ASP.Net application that interfaces with Hummingbird DM api's.  If I use the following in the code ( which I got to work in a VB.Net application )

lapp = CreateObject("DocsObjects.Application")

it gives a "Cannot create ActiveX Component error.

If I use

lapp = new DocsObjects.Application

I get a permission's error.

I have read some other questions on here about activex and about having the asp.net page make the client install the control.  Honestly, I still a little confused on this issue.  

The application will list out links to documents and when the user clicks on them it will open the document on their computer just like it would through hummingbirds windows client.  This is an intranet application and all the users already have the dll file installed on their computer with hummingbirds window application.  I need my application to somehow interact with the dll already on their computer I think.....any  ideas???

here is the code.  which I don't think will help too much.  This code worked in vb.net ( change response.write to msgbox).
I added reference to the dll.  The dll is written in VB5 or 6.  probably vb6.

            Dim lapp As Object
            Dim llib As Object
            Dim lcom_doc As Object

            lapp = CreateObject("DocsObjects.Application")
            llib = lapp.CurrentLibrary()
            ' 133914 is the document number I'm testing with.  It is an excel spreadsheet.
            lcom_doc = llib.GetProfile(133914)

            lcom_doc = Nothing
            lapp = Nothing
            llib = Nothing
       Catch ex As Exception
            response.write( ex.Message)
  End Try
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1 Solution
The user (usually IUSER_machine) has to have permissions to execute (and probably read) the DLL.
Did this answer your question.  If not let me know and I'll see what I can do.

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