Missing link in gif banner

I have just creted a few animated gif banners - (and it been a long time since I last did that).

The animation works fine - and I have added an image map with all the url details (been creating the banners in Image Ready CS2. However when the banner is being publiched the animation works, but it's not recognizing the url link.

The banner here is not animated - but same problem, the link doesn't work, can someone please help me as it's quite urgent.



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Remember that ImageReady creates the HTML as well as the image when you do that... there's no way to build a link INTO the gif, only into the surrounding HTML code.
I looked at your link, and the source behind it, but there is no image map defined in the source. So it is not surprising the links don't work - there is no image map, and no links.

You need to edit the html source file to add those items.
Freja_UKAuthor Commented:
Hi again,

I know that there is no link inside the HTML page - I thought that by adding an image map inside the gif and adding the link that would turn it into a button?

Any ideas to what I have done wrong?

I know how to add a link inside html - but I need to supply the banner to someone else (and was hoping to integrate the link to the banner, so they didn't have to worry about it.
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No, unfortunately, there's no way to incorporate a link or image map inside a gif file, you can only do it with HTML. If you had a Flash banner, you could embed that information, but the gif file format pre-dates the WWW, and it does not allow for that content, nor could modern browsers interpret it should it be present.
Freja_UKAuthor Commented:
I know how to do that with Flash too - but I was so sure that you could have an animated gif as a button - where you had the link build in. Other wise - what is this for:

To specify link options for an image map area (ImageReady)

Select an image map area.
In the Image Map palette, enter a URL, or choose a previously created URL from the URL menu. You can enter a relative URL or absolute (full) URL. If you enter an absolute URL, be sure to include the proper protocol (for example, http://www.adobe.com, not www.adobe.com). For more information on relative and absolute URLs, see an HTML reference.
In the Image Map palette, enter the name of a target frame in the Target text box, or choose an option from the Target menu:
_blank Displays the linked file in a new window, leaving the original browser window open.
_self Displays the linked file in the same frame as the original file.
_parent Displays the linked file in its own original parent frameset. Use this option if the HTML document contains frames and the current frame is a child. The linked file appears in the current parent frame.
_top Replaces the entire browser window with the linked file, removing all current frames. The name of the frame must match a frame name previously defined in the HTML file for the document. When a user clicks the link, the specified file appears in the new frame.
Note: For more information on frames, see an HTML reference.
In the Image Map palette, enter text for an Alt tag in the Alt text box. The Alt text appears in place of the image map area in nongraphical browsers. In many browsers, it also appears if the user positions the mouse over the image map area.

Or am I just being stupid here?
Freja_UKAuthor Commented:
Great - I just wanted to make sure that I hadn't missed the obvios.

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