Outlook 2003 Replies show original message aligned right.

I write a message in Outlook 2003.  The message is aligned left.  I send the message and I recieved a reply from my reader.  The reader's reply is aligned left.  I scoll down and see my orginal message is now aligned right.  What happened? How can I fixit?
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dopyiiiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
What happens when you send yourself and email and then reply back to yourself?  Is the original from yourself right aligned?  If not, then the problem is on the other user's end.

I'd imagine just removing (rename or delete) the normal.dot template on the other user's machine would take care of the problem.  You can also try that to see if your normal.dot is part of the problem.  Here's some information that might be useful to you both: http://howtotroubleshoot.blogspot.com/2005/10/how-to-clean-word.html
Hello Gbadboy99,

have you tested this with a webaccount or another account you control where you reply to your own test mail to trace where it happens at your side of somewhere else

hope this helps a bit
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