Apache has stopped displaying directory listing


Just all of a sudden today on my local server my Apache/PHP configuration is not longer displaying anything (blank page on Firefox, page not found on IE) when I goto http://localhost/ or,  I can ping localhost, and it returns well, but all my browser history http://localhost/project1/index.php is just not there...

I can confirm the directory Apache is trying to load exists and still contains all my projects etc...

Any ideas of how to trouble shoot?

I'll go through the conf file now to see if i can find anything out of whack

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periwinkleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Windows or Linux?

Is Apache still running, or did it fall down?

I agree - check the error_log for additional information.

Does the configuration have:

Options Indexes

for this directory if you want a directory listing?
antumAuthor Commented:
Everything looks fine in the httpd.conf file...

I'm checking for changes in the firewall... yep, Apache port 80 is still allowed....

Man, i need this going asap... so frustrating
what's in your Apache error logs? most modern PHP builds have display_errors off by default which would produce a blank page on any fatal PHP error.
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