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Winlogon.exe taking up to 300 MBs

I have a win2k3 DC that seems to have a memory leak in the winlogon.exe process. Over time it will run slower and slower as this process eats up available memory. Any ideas?
1 Solution
mrpez1Author Commented:
Tushar, it's memory hogging not CPU spikes.

Looks like a winner, r-k. I'll leave the question open a little longer for any more input.
  Incidentally, you can stop winlogon.exe, but you have to be careful, as doing so directly causes a system restart. It is started by csrss.exe and if winlogon vanishes, csrss.exe causes the restart. So ... stop csrss.exe first...
   But doing this and similar deeds causes all manner of things to stop working, such as the recognition of USB memory sticks, and etc. - it is not clear at all what is needed for what and which interact with which. If the computer must be operated as a part of a network with availability to others in the network (file sharing, remote login, endless stuff) rather than in splendid isolation, these odd progs. are needed.
   Determining exactly which services your usage can do without is a tedious business, especially if your usage varies. But experimentally, you can stop, and presumably then restart winlogon.exe.
mrpez1Author Commented:
Nope. It's a DC, file server, and print server so probably not a good idea.

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