NetWare problem with UPS shutdown

I am a complete noob to NetWare and need to prevent it from shutting down the server when the ups software fails. I no longer have a ups device attached.

This is the message I get when it fails:
5-11-06 12:00:00pm: UPS-4..10-14
Battery discharge time has almost expired.
The file server will be shut down in one minute unless commercial power is restored.
Thanks in advance, this problem is urgent.
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rvthostConnect With a Mentor Commented:

at the command prompt, type "edit autoexec.ncf".  You should be able to track down the line that is loading your UPS software.  Just remove it or comment it out, hit Escape and it will prompt you to save the file.  That should be it!

<<FYI - There is a Netware specific TA for any future questions, under the Networking group>>
seandolanAuthor Commented:
NB: I can stop it from running by typing "unload ups" at the console prompt. I just need to make sure it never starts, and I don't know how to edit and config files or anything like that.
Here is the direct link to the NetWare TA -->
seandolanAuthor Commented:
Will try today and confirm if solution worked. Thanks for the NetWare link, I was unable to find it when asking the question.
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