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Problem for Intel 915GUX

I have a customer have the problem for Intel 915 GUX

When they trying to connect to their network the onboard NIC is sending a Mac
>address of 0C:00:00:00:00:00 to the switch.  The switch doesn't
>recognise the Mac address and shuts down the port. When they check the Mac
>address from the actual PC the Mac address is reported as
>They can re-enable the port and get the NIC talking, get an IP etc but it
>either drops out without warning or shuts down the port the next time
>the PC is rebooted.  They tested all the cables and tried different ports
>on different switches and the problem still persisted.
>All there network gear is CISCO and we are using VMPS.
>The PC asset name is:   0306-49155-TC
>The board is a:   Intel D915GUX with Gigabit LAN

We already try to replace another new motherboard for them, but same problem happen. any idea ?
in Hurry
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1 Solution
Check that the user did not install any mac address spoofing tools.

Stanley Louissaint
domdigAuthor Commented:
Sorry I am not good in that!
What's the meaning of spoofing tool, and how's it work?
In this case spoofing means that the software is going to modify the actual mac address of the computer utilizing software and is going to broadcast what the user specified.

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