Efficient RAM Memory Management like RAMBoost for Windows XP/2003

I remember there was one application called RamBoost for classic Windows (95, 98 etc) which will run in System Tray. When the system RAM memory limit goes less than a specified limit, it will automatically sound an alarm, start up the freeing process to a desired limit.

My query, is whether any equivalent tool for Memory Management is available for Windows XP and/or Windows 2003. Or any other memory optimization techniques?
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Free Ram Pro: http://www.download.com/FreeRAM-XP-Pro/3000-2086_4-10516960.html?tag=lst-0-2

Free download, can automatically clean out ram when it hits a certain %.

I use it myself.
I've not tried any, but there seems to be many RAM management software around for XP/2000.  If they are exactly what you are looking for is another matter of course.

There is also a decent guide over at http://www.techspot.com/tweaks/memory-winxp/index.shtml for how WXP works under the hood.

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