Transfering DNS from Windows 2003 to Suse Linux 10

Hey Guys,

I have been using multiple SUSE Linux 10 servers as primary/slave DNS servers and they have been working well
I now need to copy a zone/domain from a Windows 2003 DNS server as well as send a different zone/domain the other way.

I’ve set the zone up the same as for my other zones but the servers seem to fail to talk to each other.
I’ve heard that our friends at Microsoft have some ‘tuning’ in Windows DNS that could be causing this issue, but I can’t find any information about it.

Can anyone help?

Thanks for your time guys,
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As regards transferring a zone from Linux to Windows, providing you create an empty secondary zone, and the linux server permits zone transfers to the Windows server, it should work.

Vice versa really, create a slave zone on the linux box, allow zone transfers from the Windows box and it should populate. Then change the status of the zone from slave to master (or secondary to primary if you parlez le microsoft) and all should be done.

Perhaps try a
host -v -l
and see what that says. It's basically a zone transfer with all records outputted to the screen. If that works, a zone transfer will work.

Incidentily, for the poster above, you don't need dynamic dns on a windows network at all. Just takes a bit of tweaking, but you can easily defeat the will of Bill.

Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Basically, you CAN use linux/unix/other DNS - BUT is has to support  DYNAMIC DNS (DDNS) and service records because Active Directory provides access to various Windows network resources through the use of DNS and through dynamic updates to DNS.
kiwiplanAuthor Commented:
Sorry i should have made this a bit clearer,

I am trying to perform a master to slave DNS zone transfer from a Windows 2003 box to Suse linux 10.
I also need to do the reverse and transfer a different zone from a linux DNS to windows DNS.

How can i do this? are there any tricks that should know.

You tried dig with axfr, right?

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