How to create a form?

I opened and created a project using some database template. But I can't find anywhere that I can add a form to this. Also when I open the toolbox it says "no usable controls in this group".

Is there away to get the Toolbox items to show, and to make form?
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In VS2005 you use Project / Add Windows Form, in earlier versions you use Add New Item and select the Windows Form.

Once you have a new form, you can select its properties, including FormBorderStyle.  DotNet differentiates between Forms and Controls which go on a Form. Forms are treated differently from Controls. Controls are in the Toolbox, Forms are not.

The ToolBox does not show controls when you are not in the Design Mode. Just switch into design mode th activate the ToolBox (CTRL-F7)
Re. "no usable controls in this group"

I think this happens if you have the code window open. When you have a form showing, all the controls, e.g. button, textbox, etc will show too.

Do you have the Solution Explorer open? Just right click the Project's icon, select "Add > Windows Form..."

If the Solution Explorer isn't open, "Click View > Solution Explorer"

I hope this helps.  :-)
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