Script for Active Directory needed

I give up trying to do it myself ..

I need a script for our Active Directory where you can

1. Enter First Name
2. Enter Last Name
3. Choose Groups by Tickbox
4. Choose OUs by Tickbox

When submitting, it creates automatically a user with a default password (pre-configured in script), sets the setting to change password upon first login, moves the user into the choosen groups, moves user into choosen OUs, creates a folder based on firstname.lastname on another server using either UNC or IP and sets full permission based on username and pre-configured permission set (like Backup, Domain Admins etc.).

I don't say you have to help me for free on that one, but I even looked at and the only people answering me there are wanna be. So if there is a geek around here (maybe it is not even possible, I don't know) lemme know ..

One sidenote : Third application won't be approved by management nor is webserver such as IIS
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See the following link for a huge resources... & then do it yourself. According to EE, we can't do work for u. We can provide helps during or for ur work.

CassavatechAuthor Commented:
Fair enough :) Thanks anyway for the link, I will dig into it :)..

EDIT: GREAT link :) Well deserved points :D
Thanks... :)
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