Publishing Excel via Citrix for multiple users

Hi guys!

Im going to try this tomorrow by installing Excel and publishing via Citrix on PS 4.

We would like to do this for multiple users.

My question is - on the citrix server where I will install excel, do I have to:

1) First create a ROOT drive?

The reason I ask, is if user A installs it, then opens up excel, Im guessing it will default to their My Documents directory.

What I would like is when any user launches the excel app, that they automatically get routed to THEIR OWN My Documents directory.

Can someone give me a heads up as to whether there is any pre configuration I either have to do on the citrix server eg.root drives, profiles etc, also any AD group policies that may need to be done to get this functionality?

I have tried this ages ago, but still unsure about what application data needs to be written to every users HKCU in the registry and how citrix and terminal server handle this when installing office apps.

Thanks guys.

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You don't need to do anything in that. The users will get their own My Documents folder when they open excel. This is the default behaviour of Excel. Consider it like if you login to Citrix as user A and open excel, user A will get his own my documents folder. Now if you login as user B and open Excel, you will get the my documents folder of user B automatically.
Good Luck!
Make sure you execute this command prior to installing ANY apps on a terminal server:

change user /install

This will tell the OS to watch for changes that will apply to multiple users.  Alternately you can use Add/Rem Programs; this does it for you.  I suggest using a terminal server home directory.  You config. this in the user's account properties.  I set this to a share and give it a W: drive.  This is far better than using My Documents because it will follow your users across any terminal server.  I suggest not using roaming profiles.  
nprignanoTechnical ArchitectCommented:
you can also setup the behavior of the program with group policy.

look under user configuration > folder redirection > my documents  to redirect the users my documents,

and under user configuration > administrative templates > microsoft office excel for excel settings.

How did it go? Did you try it?
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