Sounds stop when I close MIAW

Hi there,

I have MIAW1 playing on a stage.

A sound file has been placed on the timeline within MIAW1.

From MIAW1 a button opens new MIAW2. The voiceover is still playing at this point.

You can close MIAW2, but when you do the sound file in MIAW1 stops playing.

Any ideas, I've got loads of pages with corresponding voiceover files playing with them in MIAW1. The user can pop MIAW2 up at any time, but I don't want the voiceover stopping wen they close MIAW2.

I hate director...


Thanks in advance!

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MediaMacrosConnect With a Mentor Commented:
No, and you can reuse the same window
Just change the filename.  If you want to clean it up, when ever you stop a sound, forget any closed windows.  That will allow it to work without sound issues.
This is a known issue.

To avoid this close the window but don't forget it.  That should prevent the sound stop.
Colly321Author Commented:
Will that affect anything like memory etc?

There are a number or MIAW's being opened at different times, do they all stack up?

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