USB controller not working

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     I have got a dell precision 380 that was working fine on yesterday. When i came to office this morning i saw a blue screen error. SO i restarted the computer, it worked fine. But anyway i removed some recently installed softwares unplugged and replugged all attached hardware. (now the comp is connected only with kb and mouse)

But now my usb ports are not working. I suspect it with the usb controllers (bcoz tried with different usb ports and devices). i choosed load defaults option in Bios, still  the same. After that i connected ps/2 keyboard still the same. After that i resatarted and disabled usb controller option and enabled ps/2 option. Now i can connect ps/2 kb and mouse. But when i enable usb controller option i cant access both usb and ps/2. I dont know do i need to check anyother setting in BIOS or any hardware problem?? Also during startup the OS recognised the kb (i can see three lights blinking on the kb) but when it come to unlock screen i see only light on numlock and no other lights and i cant do anything on the kb from that point..

Note: Once i disable usb in bios i cant see usb controllers under device manager
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Very good suggestions...
hmm,there are also an option under the 'view'  on 'device manager';and if yoou click on it you'll see the :
'show hidden devices';so ,please do check this option and uninstall all the devices you'll find under the 'usb'-section.
check out also thier diagnostic utility:
or just all the downloads regarding your precision:
I suggest that you delete the drivers for the USB controllers in device manager and let them reinstall on reboot.  They may have gotten corrupted.
InternetEAuthor Commented:
Hi I cant see anything related to USB under device manager... Do i need to enable USB option in BIOS?? If i do it i wont be able to use my mouse and keyboard (both usb and ps/2) so how can i uninstall or see atleast usb options under Device manager?? Am i making sense to you??
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If enabling USB in the BIOS disables the PS/2 port, try resetting the BIOS.  This sounds like a problem that will prevent any other solution.
USB should be enabled in the BIOS, but often there are additional options which are necessary for the USB ports to accept keyboards and mice. This option is often called "Legacy Mode", or something similar.
download the knoppix cd, and boot from it. if your usb works here, your hardware is fine, and you have a soft problem. if not, vice versa .
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