ACT! 6 & Server 2003 incompatibilty?

I have been running ACT! 6 and have just upgraded my network to Server 2003 and now ACT! 6 runs incredibly slowly and also freezes into "not responding" mode. Is there an incompatibilty issue and is there a fix?
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TheACTDudeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is the full link for the hotfix:

Description: THIS HOTFIX REQURES ACT! 6.0 BUILD, US or International English versions only.
Hotfix Details: When attempting to open your ACT! Database or access your Notes/History tab after updating your ACT! software to the 6.0.3 build and notice that it is taking much longer than before you installed the update. This issue seems to happen only in databases that have large numbers of Notes/History entries and rarely occurs on Computers with 256 MB (or more) of RAM.

Please see the following online document for more information on this hotfix.

Title : My Database or Notes/History Tab is Slow to Open After Updating to ACT! 6.0.3 Document ID : 2003611134733 Web URL : 

We do not warrant that the functions contained in the ACT! “hotfix” will meet your needs or requirements or that installation of the “hotfix” will be error free. If you install a “hotfix” you do so at your own risk. A 'hotfix" is not supported by our technical support. THE “HOTFIX” IS PROVIDED “AS IS” WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR IMPLIED TERMS OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION ANY WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. THE ENTIRE RISK ARISING OUT OF THE USEOF THE “HOTFIX” REMAINS WITH YOU. By downloading or installing this "hotfix" you agree to these terms.
I am running several ACT 6 database here rangin from 2000 records to 75000. All are very responsive.

Couple of things you can try:

1. Compress and Reindex the database - Open the database, click File - Administration - Database Maintanence
2. Make sure opportunistic locking is disabled on the server. (Install ACT on the server, click Start - Run - actdiag. On the options menu, Click the oppotunistic locking item
3. Make sure to exclude the ACT database folder from Real TIme antivirus scanning (Norton Autoprotect, etc)
4. Access the database from workstations using a mapped drive not UNC (\\servername\share).

5. (Try the other options first) Abosolute Last Solution is a Database Scan and Repair. click Start - Run - actdiag. Click the Maintainence Option on the Menu and Select Scan and Repair. Let it run through its routines. Open the database in act again. You will get an error, click yes to rebuild the files.

Also, what build of ACT are you running? Click Help - About ACT. Is it 6.03?
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PaddyGooAuthor Commented:
Hi, we are running ACT!
We have since checked and proved that when we revert to WIN98SE and reconnect to Server 2003 then ACT! operates sucessfully, with no delays and no locking.

Also the delays and locking occur when we have Notes and History displayed in each record (of which there are 5000), if we leave it in Activities it doesn't slow or say 'not responding' so there seems to be an issue with retrieving Notes & History, and software in XP - so it's an XP + ACT! + Server 2003 matter, oh heck!

Will try your suggestions today and revert, many thanks.

Do you have all the filter options checked?

There is a hotfix available to resolve the notes issue if the fileters are set to display everything. Check out

The hotifx is addresssed problem with the way the notes are sorted. Just for grins, change the sort order by date so the oldest is on top. That should speed things up.
PaddyGooAuthor Commented:
Many thanks ACTDUDE and your efforts were much appreciated - your solutions did help speed things up, though one of problems was self created - we installed a new server but left the routes to attached documents to the old server name and therefore ACT had troubles finding the documents as had to search laboriously.

Anyway, many many thanks for your invaluable help.

John Davis aka PaddyGoo
c/o Pyropress Engineering

For the document attachment thing, there is an addon available direclty from ACT call "Attachment Migration Wizard". It will chnage the file paths in mass for the attachments in the database.
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