Exchange Mobile carriers for OMA

Hi All,

I am setting up OMA and need you reccomendations on which Mobile carriers to use?
First of all, who supplies a carrier service ? mobile phone companies ?
Second, will this service cost me ? if so how much ?


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SembeeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You don't need that information to use OMA.

The settings you are seeing are for Always up to date, which is the previous method for triggering a synchronisation of the mailbox using ActiveSync on a handheld device. AUTD is very expensive to run for anyone outside of the USA and is basically dead technology - it has been replaced with the push technology that was introduced with Exchange 2003 SP2 and Windows Mobile 5.0 with the MSFP update.

Outlook Mobile Access (which is the mobile version of Outlook Web Access) is a simple data connection. Most if not all mobile phone companies provide that service. Sometimes it is built in to the contract, sometimes it is an extra.
You will also need to have a device that has a web browser on board.

As for cost, that depends on many factors... location, service provider, how many phones you have etc etc.

sberry25Author Commented:

Working throught the Microsoft setup guide I have got stuck on the creation of a new mobile carrier.

I think that I need to create a new mobile carrier and add in the smtp detials.
I just don't know what to put in here! I guess that my mobile phone service provider could tell me?

I have searched their website but to no effect.

sberry25Author Commented:
Thanks Simon
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