connecting to remote vpn via windows vpn

hi there

i have a vpn router which is set up at another location.. with fixed ip (OFFICE)

here at home i use windows xp VPN setup to conect to it.... it conect perfect and i can use remote desktop and log into the server via remote desktop..

what i would like to do is access the internet and emails on this local machine (home) while conected to the vpn in (0ffice)

the office is fix ip and the home local is dyanamic.

what i would like to do is set up a ftp at home location so i can dump files to it from office (but home is a dynamic ip).

so im going to set the windows vpn (home ) to always stay conected to the office vpn network so i can dump files over the ftp.
but i also would like to access the net on the home pc aswell

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Rob WilliamsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Avision27, please see your new question regarding the static IP's. I better understood when I read that. I left a couple of options there.
Rob WilliamsCommented:
The inability to connect to the Internet from home is due to a security "switch" in the VPN client at the home site. To resolve go to:
Control panel | network connections | right click on the VPN virtual adapter and choose properties | networking | TCP/IP Internet protocol -properties | Advanced | General | un-check " use default gateway on remote network"

This should resolve for you. What that option does is block the local network from the office network while the VPN is connected. It is an intentional security feature.
Avision27Author Commented:
thankyou for your reply.

i have tryed this option and yes i can get the internet now.... and im conected to the vpn from home. BUT

when i tick "use gateway on the remote network" i can ping the sever and log onto remote desktop but when i uncheck this option like you suggested i not cannot access the or ping the server.

the subnet is etc
the server is on

thankyou for your help..any suggestions

i next need to set up a ftp on the home pc


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Rob WilliamsCommented:
The local and remote networks of a VPN need to be on a different subnet to work properly. This is so that routing will work properly. If the local router, in this case the VPN client,, receives packets destined for 192.168.0.x network, it doesn't know whether to send them to the local or remote network. Probably works with the gateway switch enabled, as that forces all traffic to the one network. Try changing one or the other networks to use to use something like 192.168.2.x It will mean all routers and computers on the network you decide to change, will have to be updated.

The FTP question, should really be opened as a new question.

Let me know how you make out with the VPN
Avision27Author Commented:
thanks for all your help.
this options you gave me were helpful. i have now conected the 2 locations with internet.

regarding this topic with the vpn... im trying to connect the dynamic vpn home location on a fixed ip for the ftp. but the server is rejecting my vpn coection when i use a fixed ip for example. when i put to all automatic ip it conects but i need to log into the vpn with fixed ip as im running a ftp....

how can i log into the vpn with a fixed ip without the server rejecting it. there must be a setting in windows 2003. the vpn is all windows based on bith ends and not by a vpn router..

thankyou so much im about to close this topic with 500 points going to you for helping me.


Rob WilliamsCommented:
Sorry, I don't think I understand. When you refer to the dynamic IP are you talking about the VPN client, the server end or the public/Internet IP. Also is the FTP server at the same site as the VPN server, and is it the same device. If you could clarify for me, we should be able to sort it out.

Do you now have different subnets at the office and home networks, both should not be operating on the 192.168.0.x subnet, though the virtual VPN adapter will be assigned an IP in the same subnet as the office.
Avision27Author Commented:
thankyou for you time rob,

i have it now all sorted.

the office running the windows 2003 server with vpn windows login tunneling.

the home location just tunnels into the vpn by the ip using windows login. the home location just reconects to the windows ip vpn if dropped.

i set up the ftp on the home location and works fine.

Rob WilliamsCommented:
Very welcome Avision27. Glad you were able to get it sorted out.
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