Symantec Mail Security for SMTP 4.1 and Greylisting

We are using SMSSMTP for our gateway SMTP server and are running into issues when talking with other SMTP servers that have implemented Greylisting.  The problem is not that the email is not being delivered but that the user immediately recieves a message that the delivery failed.  The original message is delivered on the next delivery attempt as expected.  The server itself is operating as it should but users are getting confused with the delay message.

Is there a way that I can delay the notification(such as with Exchange)?  I have reverted back to having Exchange deliver outbound messages directly until I can get an answer.

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You need to take this up with Symantec.

Their product is not responding to the SMTP status code correctly. It is interpreting the deferred connection as a fatal failure and sending back the NDR.

What a surprise it is a Symantec product doing this... another item that means I will continue my policy of never allowing anything from Symantec near my servers.

semexallianceAuthor Commented:
Thanks Sembee;

I will take this up with Symantec directly, once I can get through.

I think I like your policy!

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