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Hello I need some refresher. i need to push a reg file with zenworks to my clients. can someone tell me the steps to do this with zenworks. I know I know I am a zen guy but took a job and have not touched it in over a year. Thanks and really appreciate it
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ShineOnConnect With a Mentor Commented:

1) create a new Application object, "manual" mode.
2) On the "distribution options" tab, in the "registry" view, select "import" and change the browse window to select type ".reg".
3) Browse to your .reg file and import it.
4) change whatever you want to change, as far as how things get pushed (create always, create if exists, create if does not exist, delete) and whether the push is tracked per user and/or distributed always.  Hint: select a higher-level key and make the settings at that level, to force a global change to all of the key's children.  I recommend setting "track per user" if it's a HKCU entry but not for an HKLM entry and setting "distribute always" regardless, and use "create always" unless it's something that may change through use, in which case it'd be "create if does not exist."
6) in the distribution options tab, options screen, make it "distribute always" and give it a starting version number.
7) In the run options tab, make it "install only" and "run once."  (the "run once" along with the "distribute always" and version number are what lets you easily make a setting change and roll it out again bu bumping the version number.)
8) In the Associations tab, make it "force run" for whatever container, group or user object you're associating it with.
9) In the Common tab, Reporting screen, set a distribution log location if you want to track distribution success/failure
10) In the availability tab, make it dependent on whatever Windows version it's targeted at.  For WinXP, it should be set to show "false" and the criteria should be OS version 5.1.x or greater. If you need to specify XP Pro SP2 it should be 5.1.2600 or greater...

The tabs/screens may change slightly depending on your version of ZEN, but that's the gist.
Depends on how you want to do it, and what version of ZEN, but what I'd do is import the .reg file into a "run once, distribute always" ZEN app.  That way, I can control it through app object version in case I need to tweak it, and can track distribution.

You also could call the reg.exe CLI utility and point to the file.
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