Updating Windows settings using SNMP.

Are there any settings I can update via SNMP?

Say for example can I update the Location or Machine Description on a client with the SNMP agent running on it from another machine from a NMS?

I can read all the settings without any problems, but they all appear read only.
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shuboarderConnect With a Mentor Commented:
My first thought on this was "no it's not possible"
I've only ever used SNMP as a tool for monitoring TCP/IP networks
and looking at read-only information such as server hard drive space/memory utilisation etc.

However, it may be possible using SNMP agent and manager/service....

The agent is the application that performs the operational role of receiving and processing requests, sending responses to the manager, and sending traps when an event occurs.

The manager/service performs the operational roles of generating requests to modify and retrieve management information, and receiving the requested information to trap-event reports that are generated by the SNMP agent.

The following link may be useful in investigating:


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