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Is this possible to install the Windows automatic updates w/o local admin rights.  I do not want to select the option "download the updates automatic and intall it".  I want to select the option Downloads updates for me and notify me when to install them, however, i would like to perfom this option as a user, not an administrator, how can I do that ? is there any registry settings needs to be change?

Automatic download and install reboot the pc, and its freaking user out, plus they loose their data as well.

I am running Windows Xp, SP2.
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In fact, you don't need to write any script.
You need to achieve this operation on a Domain Controller, of course...

If you are already have a GPO in place you can re-use, modify it.
Otherwise, you just create a new one.

You just configure it with the settings you want. In your case, No auto-restart for scheduled automatic update installations.

Then, you assign this GPO to the target workstations in your Active Directory (one machine, one OU, whole Domain, one Groupe, etc...). It can be usefull to test it first on a reduced number of targets, isn't it?

Here is a link to the Microsoft Windows 2000 GPO Guide:

More specifically at "Registry-based Policies" section, here you will found the template for automatic update configuration.

Hope this help...
Hi Rohail2004,

doy ou have group policy available? are you in a domain?
Rohail2004Author Commented:
yes... I am in the domain,

and I need to change this policy via a script... gpedit.msc, computer configuration, administrative templates, windows update and need to enable No auto-restart for scheduled automatic update installations.

How can I put all that in a script ? I am not a script person, and need your assistance.

Thanks in advance,
i am not a scripter either, which is why i push out everything via GPO
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