Cannot use the 'send as' function for one user in a small domain

Hi guys,

The scenario of my problem:


1 x MS server 2003 Small business edition
4 x user accounts
4 x client PC's all running Windows XP, all networked locally
Exchange on the server distributes emails

Out of the 4 users, one user (we'll call her 'admin') wants to have the ability to send from the other 3 users (we'll call them 'partners') email accounts.

Admin currently has the 3 partners inbox's on her main view in outlook, and can see their entire mailbox folders. When admin, hits 'reply' to an email in one of the partner's inboxes, the reply goes out with the 'from' field in outlook displaying the appropriate partner's name. However, this only works for 2 out of the 3 partners, the 3rd gets an insufficient access rights error.

Now here's the problem,

All 3 partners are in the same security groups - none of their settings are different, as far as I can see. I have created a security group called 'mailbox access' and added admin to this group. I have then added the group mailbox access to the security list for mailbox store, under exchange. I've given this group 'send as' allow permissions. I've also added this group to the security tab under advanced features on AD for the 'domain users' entry, and given this group allow permissions for 'send as'

I must be missing a setting to do with the account of the 3rd partner, who's admin cannot send mail out as, but I can't find it anywhere - can anyone help?


Bolton Wanderer
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atheluConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I assume that you already made her a delagate of the partner's mailbox from inside of Outlook?
Will this user ALWAYS have the send as permission for other users? If so, you could give her this permission at the information store level to be sure. This is done inside of the Exchange system manager console. Look at the secuirty tab for the Mailbox store. Add the user and make sure and remove the inherited deny send as permission.
BoltonWandererAuthor Commented:
Hi athelu,

Thanks for the suggestion, I've just tried it - but I'm still recieving the same error.

This therefore is nothing to do with admins permissions - she has full access across the entire information store, and there are no deny's.

It must be something to do with the partner who she can't send emails as - any ideas?


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