Apache Web Server won't start - no listening sockets available error - 500 points!!!

I posted a question earlier, http://www.experts-exchange.com/Web/Web_Servers/Apache/Q_21843803.html, that relates to this problem.  Now I can find out why the Apache Web Server service is not starting but I don't know how to resolve the problem.  The error I'm getting is:

(OS 10048) Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network/address/port) is normally permitted.  :make_sock: could not bind to address no listening sockets available, shutting down, unable to open logs

In summary, I have a Windows machine running Windows XP Pro SP2 that has 2 Web Servers installed on it.  The first one is Apache which I did not install and was assigned to ip address, xxx.xxx.xxx.74.  For another project that my client has going, the WebCrossing Web Server was installed and assigned to ip address, xxx.xxx.xxx.78.  If I type in the ip address for the WebCrossing Web Server, I get the correct website.  If I type in the ip address for the Apache Server I get the Page is Under Construction Message which appears to be in the default c:\inetpub\wwwroot directory which leads me to believe that MS IIS is started.  However, when I issue the iisrestart /stop command and go to the ip address for the Apache Server I still get the Page is Under Construction Message.

I'm very confused as to what is going on and would like to get the Apache Web Server and WebCrossing Web Server running on the same box.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Your main mistake: Apache is NOT an IIS.
So this command: iisrestart /stop DOESN'T stop your Apache...

"(OS 10048) Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network/address/port) is normally permitted.  :make_sock: could not bind to address no listening sockets available, shutting down, unable to open logs|

This error is shown because you are trying to bind apache to already captured 80 port.

As sleep_furiously said, check your apache config first and change line "Listen 80" or 'Listen *:80' to 'Listen xxx.xxx.xxx.74:80'. Otherwise your Apache tries to bind to ALL IP addresses 80 port, and attempt is failed because webxserv.exe is already there.
Shouldn't "iisrestart /stop" be "iisreset /stop"?  I'll assume that's just a typo.

What does "iisreset /status" show?

You can use a free tool like TCPView to see what processes are listening on port 80 for the various interfaces.
http://www.sysinternals.com/Utilities/TcpView.html  (It may be easier to sort out if you turn off name resolution under Options.  You do want to show unconnected endpoints, otherwise you will only see the listeners when they are doing something.)

You can go into IIS Manager and set IIS Web Site(s) to use a port number other than 80.

Check the conf file for the Apache server (and the WebCrossing server, assuming it is some sort of Apache).  You don't want to have "Listen 80", but something that binds to a specific IP, like "Listen xxx.xxx.xxx.74:80"

Take a look at  http://www.apacheworld.org/ty24/, in the secure server chapter for detailed instructions on how to get Apache 2 works.

Free Tool: Subnet Calculator

The subnet calculator helps you design networks by taking an IP address and network mask and returning information such as network, broadcast address, and host range.

One of a set of tools we're offering as a way of saying thank you for being a part of the community.

dyaroshAuthor Commented:
iisreset /status shows:

Status for World Wide Web Publishing (W3SVC): running
Status for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) (SMTPSVC): running

TCPView shows the following:  (I'm only listing processes that reference the 2 ip addresses that I'm using or :80 port)

svchost.exe:1088 UDP xxx.xxx.xxx.74:123 *.*
svchost.exe:1088 UDP xxx.xxx.xxx.78.123 *.*
svchost.exe:1248 UDP xxx.xxx.xxx.78:1900 *.*
svchost.exe:932 TCP xxx.xxx.xxx.74:3389 xx.xxx.xxx.240:1042 Established
System4 TCP xxx.xxx.xxx.74:139 Listening
System4 TCP xxx.xxx.xxx.74:138 *.*
System4 TCP xxx.xxx.xxx.74:137 *.*
war-ftpd.exe:3252 TCP xxx.xxx.xxx.78:21 xx.xx.xx.217:33417 Established
webxserv.exe:2972 TCP xxx.xxx.xxx.78:80 Listening

While I was getting this information, the following showed up in the list:

[System Process]:0 TCP xxx.xxx.xxx.78:80 xx.xx.xx.217:32823 Time_Wait
[System Process]:0 TCP xxx.xxx.xxx.78:80 xx.xx.xx.217:32831 Time_Wait

The 2 lines above stayed for a couple of minutes and then disappeared.
OK, well it looks like IIS needs to be stopped ... for whatever reason it is still running.  Go to Services Control Panel and Stop WWW Publishing Service, then try starting your Apache server.
dyaroshAuthor Commented:
Did as you suggested and still could not start the Apache Service (same error).  Here is what I have now:

iisreset /status:

Status for World Wide Web Publishing <W3SVC> : Stopped
Status for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) (SMTPSVC) : running


alg.exe:396      TCP      LISTENING      
inetinfo.exe:3684      TCP                  LISTENING      
inetinfo.exe:3684      TCP      LISTENING      
inetinfo.exe:3684      UDP      *:*            
lsass.exe:764      UDP      *:*            
lsass.exe:764      UDP      *:*            
mysqld-nt.exe:1660      TCP      LISTENING      
rdpclip.exe:372      UDP      *:*            
svchost.exe:1000      TCP      LISTENING      
svchost.exe:1088      UDP      *:*            
svchost.exe:1088      UDP      xxx.xxx.xxx.74:123      *:*            
svchost.exe:1088      UDP      xxx.xxx.xxx.78:123      *:*            
svchost.exe:1136      UDP      *:*            
svchost.exe:1136      UDP      *:*            
svchost.exe:1248      UDP      *:*            
svchost.exe:1248      UDP      xxx.xxx.xxx.78:1900      *:*            
svchost.exe:932      TCP      LISTENING      
svchost.exe:932      TCP      xxx.xxx.xxx.74:3389      xx.xxx.xxx.240:2994      ESTABLISHED      
System:4                      TCP      LISTENING      
System:4                      TCP      xxx.xxx.xxx.74:139      LISTENING      
System:4                      UDP      *:*            
System:4                      UDP      xxx.xxx.xxx.74:138      *:*            
System:4                      UDP      xxx.xxx.xxx.74:137      *:*            
war-ftpd.exe:3252      TCP                  LISTENING      
war-ftpd.exe:3252      UDP      *:*            
war-ftpd.exe:3252      UDP      *:*            
webxserv.exe:2972      TCP      xxx.xxx.xxx.78:80      LISTENING      
dyaroshAuthor Commented:
Thank you both for the input.  I changed the Apache httpd.conf file to Listen xxx.xxx.xxx.74:80 from Listen 80 and it now works.  Nopius - your explanation of what Apache was doing helped me see what was wrong in the Apache Conf file.  Sleep furiously - your suggestions taught me a lot that I will be able to use from here on out and I really appreciate the time and effort you put into this problem.
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