Proper codec for importing footage to After Effects 6.5

I have a win xp machine.  my girlfriend has a nice digital camera that takes avi movies... canon something...

My girlfriend took some video footage with her digital camera and i was hoping to be able to import it into after effects to play with.  When i try to import it it gives me an error saying it is an unsupported avi format (not sure on exact verbage of error).  I am able to import other avi footage but not clips that she has taken with her digital camera.

Where can i find other codecs or something to allow me to import the footage?

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tordanaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Canon video cameras use the M-JPEG format. A codec that supports this can be found here:

Let me know if this works. :)
Ben McNellyCommented:
Depending on how it was captured, your movie is going to have several possablities on the avi codec. If you captuered through firewire to premier, than you need to render the avi to a different format by placing it on the timeline and exporting as mpeg..

If you used the video card, it could have whatever codec it uses... you will have to convert this file as well...

OR we can maybe figure out what codec it used, and find a way to install it so AE see's the avi...

best bet is rendering an a different fomat though...
TheRookie32Author Commented:
I just took the video off of my girlfriends camera and put it on my pc...  

The problem is is that i cant even get the footage into any either program (AE or Premiere).  When i go to import the footage, the program tells me it is an unsupported video format or something like that.
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TheRookie32Author Commented:
I will try it as soon as i get home today, cheers!
TheRookie32Author Commented:
However it is a canon digital camera that takes little movies... will that be different?
I don't know for sure, but I would guess not.
TheRookie32Author Commented:
I downloaded and installed this one but i dont get any sound:

(i can get it into AE though...)  :)  Thanks for the tip on mjpeg...

I cant get it to play any sound in any of the programs i have...  quicktime, media player 10, nero...
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