Mailbox access rights dosn't work with security group

Hello experts

I have a network with a 2003 server DC, exchange on a 2003 server (not DC), a few other servers, one domain.
I have a few mailboxes created that a couple of people need access to.  Everything usually works fine.

I just created one mailbox and a security group.  As far as I know they're the same as all the others I've created before.  I've given full access to the mailbox to that security group and it doesn't work.  I had all users log off and still nada.  If I add the user directly in the mailbox access rights, it works right away.

The security group itself is mailbox enabled and everything seems ok, I just don't get why it's not working.  I'm sure it's stupid I'm just not seeing it.

Any clues?
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aa230002Connect With a Mentor Commented:
do you mean that its the group specific issue? Try deleting and recreating the group.
What if you add group and individual user both for permissions? I am checking if group is getting some inherited explicit deny set somewhere.

Amit Aggarwal.
Exchange caches permissions. These permissions are flushed every couple of hours or so.
Therefore you may have to simply wait a bit longer.

If you can't wait, reboot the Exchange server.


What you can do is create a mailbox and in exchange advanced tab of Exchange 2003 User in ADUC go to mailbox rights....add security group in permission and give security group full mailbox access and read access.

That will work.

Creating Active Directory Users from a Text File

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inf2300Author Commented:
That's what I thought at first Sembee, but it's been 4 days so I doubt that's it :\

And Ashish, that's the only way I know of giving mailbox access rights to a group... That's what I've been doing all along.
is your Active directory running in mixed mode or Native mode? what is the scope of this security group? is this Domain local, Global or Universal?

Amit Aggarwal.
inf2300Author Commented:
I'm running in mixed mode and it's a global group. (Like all the other groups that work correctly).
inf2300Author Commented:
Oops, I completely forgot about this question.  I think I ended up creating a new group with a new email address (to also grant exchange permissions) and that worked fine.

I guess Amit got it the closest, points to you.
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