DBExpress and MSSQL Express (2005)


Since i install the MSSQL 2005 express edition, i have a problem communicating with the MSSQL... and receive an
error message 'Unable to find procedure GetSQLDriverMSSQL'

i use the code:

With SQLConnection1 do
    DriverName                  := 'MSSQL' or 'SQL Native Client'
    GetDriverFunc               := 'GetSQLDriverMSSQL';
    LibraryName                 := 'dbexpmss.dll';
    VendorLib                     := 'oledb';

    Params.Values['DriverName']   := 'SQL Native Client';
    Params.Values['DataBase']      := FenConnection.BaseDeDonnee;
    Params.Values['HostName']     := FenConnection.Serveur;
    Params.Values['User_Name']   := FenConnection.Usager;
    Params.Values['Password']      := FenConnection.MotDePasse;
    ConnectionName                     := FenConnection.NomDeConnection;
    Connected                              := true;

Any idea?
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JohnjcesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The latest latest MS SQL Server 2005 editions, including the Express Edition will only connect natively using their new native client connections "stuff" with Microsoft's .NET 2 products only, like Visual Studio.

However, <S SQL Server 2005 and Express Edition are downward compatgable but after installation you must allow TCP/IP connections and start the MS SQL Browser. Then you can connect to MS SQL 2005 just like MS SQL 2000 and earlier and the MSDE.

Below is a link that show you how to do that. First older but still relevent:

This one newer just worded a bit differently:

Good luck!

FledAuthor Commented:

I found the problem... my code was right, and my configuration too... but my GetSQLDriverMSSQL was not good because it is case sensitive the getSQLDriverMSSQL function work well...

Hey! Thanks for the points but I really didn't help you as I would have never thought that the call/procedure was/is case sensitive.

Generally people have a heck of a time connecting to the new MS SQL Database with standard Delphi components becuase it is not set up to do so after installation.

It would have been appropriate to have stated that you solved the problem yourself as you did and request that the question be closed and get your points refunded.

Anyway, glad you found and fixed the problem.

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