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I promise I'm going to purdy this up real nice.  I just thought I would get the option of what directory to save it in when the link is clicked.  Every other time I've done a PDF it automatically asks me where I want to save it.  Know how to fix this?  Thanks.
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There is nothing wrong with your PDF file.. Your acrobrat reader is configured to open the PDF files in internet explorer.

  Do the following things and see..Open Acrobrat reader and then go to the preference...(Edit>Preference> and then in the internet option, uncheck the "Display PDf in browser and then click ok.....

   Now see wether you will be able to download the PDF files as you wanted... rather than getting them opened in the browser..

 Hope this solves your problem..

 Peace and Health.

Ravi Simpi
just use the option of save target as & save that target whereever u want
texastwostepAuthor Commented:
when i am publishing the document or somewhere in my browser?

Add the following line in your .htaccess

AddType application/octet-stream pdf
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