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Timeout(30000) waiting for the DB2-DB2 service to connect.

DB2 Service not starting on system reboot, when set start to automatic.
But works fine, when it is started manually.
Machine is Win2k SP4 and did Windows Updates as well
FixPack 5 is applied to DB2 8.1

Event Log shows 2 Error messages, source as Service Control Manager.

Timeout(30000) waiting for the DB2-DB2 service to connect.
The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion

Anybody have any clue into it.

Aneesh Retnakaran
Aneesh Retnakaran
1 Solution
Any info in db2diag.log?
Aneesh RetnakaranDatabase AdministratorAuthor Commented:
Sorry for this delayed reply.. actually One of my friends asked this question, and he is now on vacation. I will send the log information as soon as he comes...
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Aneesh RetnakaranDatabase AdministratorAuthor Commented:
hi, this is what i got

This is the error repeatedly showing in DB2Diag.log
2006-05-08-   Instance:DB2   Node:000
PID:664(DataTestService.exe)   TID:756   Appid:none
oper system services  sqloSSemClose Probe:20

Unexpected system error 0x6 has occurred.
This has been mapped to ZRC 0x83000006.

The handle is invalid.

This "DapTestService.exe" is a windows service that connects to DB2 using ODBC.
Its also noticed that, this service takes a lot of memory, when DB2 is stopped.
Is it that ODBC connection is takingup a lot of memory when trying to connect to DB2?
check you dbm cfg, tune memory properly. If possible upgrade to FP7+

I have seen couple of more post with similar error with FP5  on Win2k.

Input ZRC string '0x83000006' parsed as 0x83000006 (-2097151994).

ZRC value to map: 0x83000006 (-2097151994)
        V7 Equivalent ZRC value: 0xFFFFB006 (-20474)

ZRC class :
        Unexpected Operating System error (Class Index: 3)
        Unknown component (Component Index: 0)
        Undefined as of DB2 v8.1.11.973; s060120
Operating system reason code (GetLastError) : DWORD error = 6 -- The handle is invalid.

Attempting to lookup value 0x83000006 (-2097151994) as a sqlcode
        No sqlcode message found for value -2097151994
Aneesh RetnakaranDatabase AdministratorAuthor Commented:
still no use...
win 2k start errors for db2 are almost always related to bad or corrupt install. The reason is the service is improperly cataloged in the win2k registry, or has multiple entries for same instance name. Therefore, on re boot, doesnt know which instance to start.
but when you start from services panel, the instance name is directly mapped to the registry entry, hence, windows knows which service to start.
one way to fix this error is to drop the current instance and create a new one.
make sure your new instance name is not the same as the previous instance name.
after creating new instance, re catalog the databases.
test out new instance by re booting machine, making sure that the service is set to auto.

other possibility:
re set the password for the db2 service to match the existing passowrd for the service owner. Somebody may have changed the password for the service owner without you knowing, hence 'invalid handle'

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