SMS vs custom WMI

I understand SMS's  inventory feature is just a WMI query constructor - True?  How is it's report authoring capability?

e.g., stuff I may need to get to managment on short notice
-number of used DIMM Slots vs unused DIMM slots, memory per DIMM and maximum potential capacity, speed and formfactor of each,

I've never looked into SMS for detailed inventory, but have stuck with VBscript and perl for doing direct WMI queries on remote machines and generating reports in excel.  It takes about 6 hours to write a full featured script and mull through MSDN before I find out stuff like "'Win32_TemperatureProbe' is reserved for future use and doesn’t work in the first place", but after that, the scripts can be re-run anytime.

what you do?

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If you can afford SMS, then you get much more than WMI query capability.

Of course, no single product I know of does hardware and software inventory as well as remote control, package deployment, software removal, patching, etc, etc., but SMS comes pretty close.  Where I think it lacks is in-depth hardware reporting, but I haven't completely explored all of it's functions.

It's not cheap, but if you had the choice then have a hard look at SMS.

Marketing_InsistsAuthor Commented:
ok, thanks!
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