Can I use the "Copy" icon from the toolbar as a macro button?

I'm creating a macro for intro users to copy and past a range of data in an Excel worksheet.

Is there a way to actually use the Microsoft icons (e.g. copy icon on the toolbar) as a macro button?
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junglerover77Connect With a Mentor Commented:
No, I don't think so. If there were an event called Selection_Copy, that would be possible.

But there are a various way to do this. You can create a cutom button in the "Standard" toolbar, with a same image to the copy button, and remove the original one.

So that the users will just think that's just the "Copy" button.

PrioritypubAuthor Commented:
Thanks, Jungle.  I fear my question was too ambiguous.  I merely wanted to find an icon (i.e. clip art) to use as my custom button.  I Googled "copy icon" and choose image and found one.  I'm fairly certain that Microsoft does not allow their images to be used, but in this case I suspect it may be allowed, since I'm using it as a custom button right within Excel.  

Thanks again for your response, and if appropriate, I'll simply award you the points in order to close this question.
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