Adding create rights for Public Dist. Lists without giving access to the server?

I have Exchange 2003 Server running on/with Active Directoy in a corporate environment.  We know how to create a Public Distribution List on the server using admin acconts on the server.  We however are looking for a way to comeplete this process WITHOUT having to have rights on the server.  We are doing this so that one of our receptionist can create and or edit Public Distribution Lists without having to give her admin or rights to the exchange server itself.

If you can assist in this matter, please do so, thanks

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Distribution lists are active directory items.
Modifying the lists is easy enough - you can give the user permissions for that.
Otherwise you will need to look at the delegation rights. However, to make email enabled lists, the user will need to have Exchange System tools installed on their machine, so that they have the Exchange options.

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