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Connectivity issues

When I try to connect to a remote databse server through an ODBC connection, the connection times out.
If I try to connect to the particular server via Remote Desktop, any subsequent ODBC connection works.

Any idea's?
1 Solution
Not really (ideas). Best guess is that the server needs a patch or upgrade. The only difference I can think of off hand, is the authentication levels and processes, where the RD connection processed the authentication needed to loosen something on the server to run. A simlar thing could have happened on the workstation. You can try running proggies like NetStat, and watching TaskManager to see what shows up different during the process getting successful connection.
This is in the server setup.  First, you havent got the ODBC connection setup right on the server, is there a login/PW applied when needs to be entered?  If so, maybe get rid of it, ODBC doesnt need that, since the connect is done in code.  Also the ODBC drivers need to be on the PC making the connection.  Check both these.

As for connecting via remote desktop, the reason this works is that the connection is "local" to the ODBC at that point, not REMOTE.  So your ODBC database is not setup right for remote connects to the database.
Could clear something up?  You state that you can connect to the remote  database server after you connect using Remote Desktop.  Are you running the program on your PC or on the PC you just remote desktoped to?

If you are running the program from the system you just remote desktop'ed do, then scratchyboy is correct. You are connecting from the local machine to the local machine.

Try connecting from your PC, then do a netstat -an and check what the status of the connetion is, look for the database servers IP address.  What is the status?

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