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Please Write A Letter (#1).

This is one question of the same three questions for three different experts.

My friend has Recruitment Agency in Asia, who wants to send Building and Construction workers (brick layers, brick layer helpers, labourers, helpers etc.) to Britain.

Please write a letter to the Recruitment Agencies *in Britain* for :

1. Requesting to know if they have any Building and Construction Co. willing to hire people from Asia.

2. How will be the entire process ?

3. What are the conditions laid by the Recruitment Agencies in Britain ?

4. Informing the Recruitment Agencies in Britain that Asian workers can work at lower wage than the British couterparts.

5. (If you think of any points)

Thanks in advance.
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1 Solution
2xtraAuthor Commented:
I posted three Questions because I wanted three different Experts to answer the three Questions.
Asians are good cheap workers. Often intelligent, able to learn quick.

Bricklaying is manual labour, but quality - not cheap by any means, often heavily unionized.

In short, you need but one question for good ideas, feasibility, and some answering yourself, such as why do you think this is a programming question? Try Miscellaneous or lounge, or, cross fingers. You might separate questions into geography, history, politics, and letter writing etc.

Cheap labour is primarily around mother nature, possibly good sunshine. The more seasonal fruit pickers, some sign holders, lawn care, food industry, dishwashers ...

If looking for that, checkout the potential for work in Asian restaurants. One idea is to first get your foot in the door, getting across oceans, permits, learning to adapt to culture, etc.

If the insistence is on specific professions, then the better question is to identify locations where there may  be the greater opportunity, and that is typically either some place that is growing or where there are special projects. One example is Iraq, a place known for needing (re) building peronnel.
> Please respond to this question
You mean to respond only here, not in the other two, or to the point of questions/points offered.

Generally, a single 500 pt question should be sufficient, everybody can review all comments in the same place (and not have to repeat in the other Q's), and the asker can split the points three ways as desired.

Perhaps more than 500 pts are warranted, among different types of questions, as I began to describe in prior comment. But I am not sure about the part of the question where it looks like the asker wants us to do all the work, for my perception is that we help them figure out how to do their best on their own.

A little confused too, for while this appears to be a newbie, in this question, the asker has had a few other questions, some closed, with prior use of splitting of points.
Britain only? Or British companies only? (They may have projects overseas).

> Please write a letter to the Recruitment Agencies
> 3. What are the conditions laid by the Recruitment Agencies in Britain ?

Maybe these are the first two q/A's to look for, for resolution. First being prepared to ensure that the workers can get appropriate permits to work. Then, looking for the methodology, and the place/project. Maybe a list of companies that are used on major projects. Maybe landscaping is a good way to get foot in door, while bring along pictures or writeups of prior work experiences. Rebuilding of the Great Wall? Restoration work? Something about the skillsets of potential applicants.

Then, one can also be watchful of news for next major project that will (could) require supplemental workforce.

I want to emphasize other TAs. It is possible that this is one where you are more comfortable with the audience. But sticking to one TA eliminates the chance to hear from others, and I suppose you/friend would still have interest in Britain itself, or a place where English is spoken (where it may be 2nd language of the seekers).

You may offer fewer points and get as good an answer in probably any TA. You can separate questions, such as: 'What rules apply' in one question, then another question can be about new major projects that may have people looking for an increase in staff.

Also, where minimum wage is not an issue, the cheap labor angle can make it conducive to forming some temporary partnerships, for the competetive bidding of future projects.

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