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JSTL: Accessing an encapsulated object array

I have a array object encapsulated within another object

1) Class Parent {
  private Album album = new Album[2];


2) Class Album {

   private String name;

   public String getName()
      return this.name

   public void setName(String name)
      this.name= name


3) Inside Java Exe..
Parent parent = new Parent();
request.setAttribute("parent ", parent );

4) JSP
<c:forEach var="image" items="${parent.album}" varStatus="itemStatus" begin="0" step="1">
    <c:out value="${itemStatus.count}" />

This does not work..it has a problem accesing the object array

5) It works if I save the object in the Request as an array:

Inside Java Exe..
Parent parent = new Parent();
request.setAttribute("album", parent .album);

This works!

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1 Solution
does Parent have a getAlbum() method?
ronandersenAuthor Commented:
You answers are not clear on the specific steps to close this question. I assume this question is closed, since it was answered. Therefore, what are you asking me to do??
ronandersenAuthor Commented:
Answered..created a public getAlbum() method in Parent class and accessed via JSTL for loop.

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