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In Windows Backup going to an external drive, we sometimes get a message on the screen saying: unable to open the file: "C:\Winnt\profiles\administrator\local settings\application data\Microsoft\Win Nt\backup data\backup01.log"  The job will not start until ok is clicked.  We usually have to then cancel the job since it did not run in the middle of the night and will slow down the network.  This is on a Win2000 server with an external usb drive.  It is set to run at 5 am each night and is not in conflict with anything else.  Other nights it runs fine.  The jobs are weekly (every Mon, every Tues, etc) and are set to overwrite themselves the next week on the corresponding day.  The administrator login is the one that is used and the password is correct.  The external drive is on another server and is mapped as a network drive on this one.  The job on the other server will work regardless if this one does or not.  Any ideas?
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I think that this may be because NTBACKUP cannot append to a log file in Windows 2000. You may want to try this to change the backup log location:

Good luck!
sim2k_supportAuthor Commented:
Thanks, it ran fine last night, of course, I will check that out if and when it does it again.
Is this the log file being used by the backup or an older version?
If older version then it may be open by AV software? Can you disable the AV software from this location, or stop it completely during the backup?
If this is current, can you exclude this directory from the backup?

Hope this helps
sim2k_supportAuthor Commented:
You can close it, it has not happened in a while.
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