Oracle ODBC on 64-bit server

I have a server running Windows Server 2003 64-bit edition.  I have a 32-bit version of the Oracle 10g client installed (apparently my 32-bit app will not run correctly with the 64-bit version installed).

I have a VBS script that uses the MSDAORA provider to connect to the database; it worked on a 32-bit server but gives "Provider cannot be found" when run on the 64-bit server.

I see that the MSDAORA is listed in the WOW part of the registry but not the main part (as I would expect considering a 64-bit Oracle is not installed).  Is there a way to make my VBS script look for 32-bit providers using WOW?
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TRACEYMARYConnect With a Mentor Commented:
not on the mdac 2.8 ?
 if they are not available then the 64 bit will not work .

I not familar with the msdaroa....

can u connect to SQL through the ODBC and then tried connecting through dns less..sql..dll..
i had the same problem on sql asp on 64 bit
follow this thread ...something with the persists.
etudeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the post; it seems to be a similar issue, but the fix was making an SQL Server specific change to the connection string so that doesn't seem to apple.  Here is the connection string I'm using:

"Provider=MSDAORA;Data Source="&database&"; User ID=username; Password=password;"

Where database = our TNSNames instance name

The issue seems to be that MSDAORA isn't available in the 64-bit application space; only the 32-bit WOW space.

Is there perhaps a way to force my VBS script to run under WOW so it can use the MSDAORA that seems to only work in WOW?

I guess I could probably install the 64-bit Oracle client along side the 32-bit, but that seems like a messy approach just for running a VERY simply VBS script.
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