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Dear Experts,
 I have a web application that when install it on W2003 request information from any server as long as the IP address is specified. I installed on a server that has a separate hardware firewall. Hence the firewall only allow two port, one for send the request out and another one that accepts incoming data. Now the web application can not send the request out. In my web application I did not assign the port, since I assumed that the server will automatically assigned. By using windows application, I can connect throught the outside by specifiyng the Ip and the port.

Question for you is that would it be possible to do something on the server so that the server will autimatically assign the available port to my web application?

Any ideas. comments or hints will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
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bstrauss3Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Not easily ... figuring out which port on the hardware is open isn't simple.

Best bet is to reconfigure the hardware firewall to allow this.  Then tell the server to use the port(s) you configured the hardware for.

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