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I would like to use a seo contract / agreement - does anyone know of any examples or good templates that can be purchased?
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If you search around you can find contracts that you can adapt from.  Of course, you would really want to consult a laywer too.  And most likely, a larger company will give you their contract and then you will have to deal with them regarding changes to protect your interests.

The contracts I've used in the past I allow my client to add or modify what they would like to see in the contract too.  After a few revisions we both seem to come to an agreement.  It's smart to cover yourself these days.

Here are some places that include SEO and WEB contracts:

Many excellent contracts, including SEO:

Knowing About Your SEO Contract:

Excellent Article by Jill Whalen about SEO Contract Basics:

Great Message Forum that Discusses SEO Work:

Accordingly, make sure your contract covers the most important elements that you can realistically achieve and what your customers need.  Otherwise, you could end-up having a long contract talking about everything.  And ask around at some of the forums as maybe some members might share with you the SEO contracts they use.

Good Luck!


templates of a contract... You would need to create these with your legal team or a solicitor.

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