Strange defrag report for C: on a Windows2000 PC. Chart shows fragged, yet "report" says it's fine.

Hi.  I checked a user's fragmentation status, and got very strange results.  Windows 2000.

Please see a screenshot here:

Something doesn't look quite right.  The green "system files" are too many and very fragmented, there's mostly red fragmented files, and practically no blue (contiguous) files.

Yes, Windows pops up box saying "no need to defragment".  

The computer *has* been acting funny lately - very slow - yet I ran numerous scanners (including rootkit detector) and I can't find anything wrong.

Could it be a failing hard drive?  Should I run Spinrite?

Thanks for any input...

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raffraffraffConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You should click the 'view report' button and find out which files are not being defragmented. You may find that all of those red bits are actually just one big file. The defragmenter needs a continuous block of free space big enough to temporarily hold a file while it's being defragmented, so large file sometimes get left out. Also, the pagefile can't be defragmented, so it may be the culprit either.

My tips for defragmenting:
1. Disable your pagefile, or move it to another disk temporarily.
2. Delete all temporary files
3. Move non-essential files to another disk.
4. Reboot and defrag.

Once defragmentation is complete, you can move your stuff back to this disk again. I recommend setting your pagefile's minimum & maximum size to the same value. This prevents it from getting fragmented in future.
personally i detest windows built in disk defragmenter.  i'd check out, download their free trial and run a defrag then.
The display shows that the FILES are not fragmented. However, as you noted, the SPACE is fragmented.

Two popular defragmenters are Diskeeeper (mentioned by myfootsmells) and PerfectDisk ( which I use and like.

Both are good.  I know PerfectDisk will do SPACE defragmentation, and it also does offline MFT system files, and page file defragmentation (I think diskeeper does these things too.)
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I'm telling you it's all about Diskeeper.  It has this pretty neat feature called SMART defragging where it'll defrag your computer during idle time.  Shrug, totally up to you as to what you like.
Jonathon, Diskeeper and PerfectDisk are probably the top two.  I like Ford.  He likes Chevy.  It's impossible to ever settle that argument.  Either one is better than the freebie with XP.
Actually I like Ford. :-p
I thought the Windows Defrag utility was a cut down version of Diskeeper !! In the same way that the NTBACKUP util is a cut down version of BackupExec.
Didn't you know, Microsoft don't write software, they rebadge someone elses... any why not if it makes a profit!

ipkon_networks -- yes, the Windows 2000/XP defrag utility came from Diskeeper.  It is a very basic version, and doesn't really cover the problem here that Jonathan has.
I have had a lot of success configuring Diskeeper to defrag everything after a manual reboot.  Try it and let me know if it works for you.
Also, if your computer is running slowly:
* Uninstall software that you don't need. (We all install stuff 'just to see', and never remove it again)
* Disable system services that you don't need. For example, I don't have a printer, so I turn off the spooler. I'm on a home network, so I turn off Computer Browser.
* Check the following registry keys to see what other software is starting when you log in:


Generally, your computer will run fine with NOTHING in these registry keys. The only stuff I ever leave are hardware related entries. If you don't know what you're doing, back these registry keys up before removing anything though.
JONATHANHELDAuthor Commented:
Darnit, I closed my question, but I forgot to split the points.

EE Cleanup Volunteer - if possible, can you please split the points like this (if it's not too late):

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Thanls everyone for the help!
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