Move mailbox task displays current mailbox store but server and destination mailbox store are grayed out for specific user

I am trying to move a user's mailbox from one mailbox store to another mailbox store in a different storage group on the same Exchange 2003 SP3 server, however the drop down menus for server and mailbox store are grayed out in the Move Mailbox Task Wizard.  The only thing displayed is the current mailbox store.  I have checked several other users and can move their mailboxes with no issues so the problem is with this specific account/mailbox.  The account is active and the user is able to log on to the domain and retrieve his mail.  Even though this should not matter for active accounts, I have also tried adding the "Associated external account" permission to SELF under Exchange Advanced/Mailbox Rights as required when moving mailboxes for disabled accounts.  Is anyone familiar with this problem and knows of a solution other than deleting the account, recreating it, and attaching the mailbox to the new account?  I need to avoid doing so if possible.  Thank you.
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aa230002Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Take the ldpdump of this specific user and another good user object using ldp.exe and compare both the accounts. there might be an attribute missing from this user object.
If you dont want to delete the account and recreate it, just because of permissions assigned to this user object, you might choose to "Remove Exchange Attributes" and then connect the mailbox back to the same user object, wait for Recipient Update service to stamp the user. It might solve the issue if an attribute value is missing from the user object or if RUS is not able to stamp the user, there might be some permissions issues on this particular AD object.

Using Ldp.exe to Find Data in the Active Directory

Amit Aggarwal.
rjsimsAuthor Commented:
Thank you for the suggestions Amit.  I compared the ldpdump of this user with a good user account and found no glaring inconsistencies (of course some values are unique).  Unfortunately, even after removing exchange attributes, effectively "deleting" the user's mailbox, and reattaching it I still couldn't move it from one store to another.  I ended up using exmerge.exe to temporarily store the contents of the old mailbox, creating a new mailbox, and importing the contents of the exmerge <username>.pst file into the new mailbox.  The new mailbox is working great and can be moved between mailbox stores so I am assuming there had to be an issue with the old mailbox probably caused by corrupt messages, etc.

Even though your suggestions did not ultimately solve the problem, they were good ideas and therefore deserve credit.

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