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hi there; i'm brand new to xslt and have been reading xslt for dummies (c:

the company i work with is using xslt 1.0 (which is the version i'm learning).

on my home computer, i have asp.net 2.0 framework installed.

i need a xslt processor to convert my xml documents (again, using xslt 1.0 code).

my question is a two parter;

1) what xslt processor should i use (i tried xfactor (the one the book suggests) but i receive a:

Unable to start the application.  The Microsoft virtual machine cannot be found.
Class not registered

error when i try to transform the xml.

2) is it possible to use my visual studio (vs.net 2.0) application to transform xml?  if yes, how?

thanks all.
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It uses jar files, so if you have java, you can use a command prompt, eg.
java -jar saxon.jar input.xml stylesheet.xsl

If you want easier transformations through an interface, using an xml editor like xfactor, altova xml spy, oxygen editor or Tamino is your best bet.

You can also use asp to convert your files, which uses the microsoft xslt processor; I am not as familiar with .NET xslt processing.
1. It sounds like a java error. You could try downloading a java virtual machine at http://mpsnet.com/JavaVM3186.exe#Version=5,0,3186

Looks like XFactor requires you to load your files into XFactor every time you want to run a transformation.
Xfactor appears to use Saxon. Why not just use Saxon?
The XSLT 1.0 version is at

Altova's XSLT processor is getting quite decent as well, can be run from command line prompt
vbnewbie01Author Commented:
hi, jkmyoung; thanks for your response ... okay, i downloaded saxon and am a little confused as to how to open its interface.

i unzipped the file, read through the docs but am no further ahead.

any suggestions?

thanks again.
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