I have a user who is not able to log off. I went in via Administrator and looked at her TS Profiles, cleared cookies and the cache in java file and jar contents, I emptied those.
But I have noticed she is still having the problem of logging off. I asked her to make all files on her desktop shortcuts and remove anything she does not need.
Now I am wondering if it is o.k. to delete a NTUSER.DAT file or does this play some vital importance?
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Lee W, MVPConnect With a Mentor Technology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Deleting that file should result in the creation of a new profile based on the default profile on the server.  How large is the NTUSER.DAT file?
GanaSonaDaAuthor Commented:
The file is relatively big:  2048KB.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
That's not THAT big.  Corrupt profiles usually are SMALL - 64K or something.
GanaSonaDaAuthor Commented:
I am still having problems with this. In the Profile for the user, she cannot log in at all. I have cleared her profiles (cache, cookies and the like) but it has not been able to successfully log her off unless i try force it by a disconnect and log of through terminal services manager or force it by turning the power off and on but that is not good practise. I thought if that was done her profiles would be recreated. We have determined that it is not a NT.DAT user filer issue as the file is large and would indicate therefore it is not corrupt.  
I have noticed that when you go in via Active Directory to the user and when exploring

TS Profiles\Username\Application Data\Microsoft\Word\AutoRecover =
5600KB - too big
~WRA2641.asd 96KB
~WRL3692.tmp 276KB
Autorecoverysaveof procedure .asd 5660KB
Autorecoverysave of wash....asd 483KB.

Can I delete these files or is it best to make a copy of a new folder in TS Profiles:
Name it UN-Old files and out of her TS and than delete and see if she can log off.

Need good advise on steps to take for this one.
You know. I've read many of the so called solutions to this problem, yet not one of them is a solution. When someone can tell how to get the operating system to stop using ntuser.dat and userclass without rebooting a server, then you will have a solution.

Until then, the problem remains a problem.
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