Recreate Dell diagnostic utility partition for Latitude c840 laptop

I had to replace my hard drive in my c840 laptop. I am trying to restore the diagnostic utility partition that it originally shipped with. I have read Dan Goodell's page here:
I have created the partition, made it bootable and copied all the files. I can boot directly to the partiton when I make it active and the diagnostic utilities will run just fine, but...when I use the F12 key and choose Diagnostics from the menu, the pre-boot assessment occurs and I then get a message that the utility partition can't be found. I ahve tried making the partition type DE as instructedin the link above as well as type 06. I use partition magid's Ptedit to change the partition type by editing the partition table.This is driving me nuts since I followed all the instructions step by step and have quintuple checked everything. Any thoughts? And yes, I know I can run the diagnostics from the Dell CD. Thanks in advance.
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Did you try contacting Dan Goodell via email?  His email address is on his website.  He is truely the expert in this area.  His website is referenced over and over on the Dell user forums.

When I had a question, he was very prompt and polite with an email response.
rwalker1Author Commented:
I emailed Dan. Unfortunately he is not familiar with the c840. I think the BIOS is looking for a particular designation for the hidden partition. What I really need is to get a look at a partition table from an original c840 hard drive. I will try calling Dell, but from what I have heard they probably won't help. Oh well-all they can do is say no.
rwalker1Author Commented:
Yes - already been there. No help.
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