XP Client join 2003 domain which local group need to join?

Hi all:

we have a lot XP Pro client join to 2003 domain,when users login to domain access local disk will appear access deny message,we add domain user to local administrator group that work find,but we found user can change local computer setting,how to prevent it happen?
is this a good idea to add domian user to local administrator group?
should I add domain users to other local group(like power user)?

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It is NOT a good idea EVER to add the DOMAIN USER Group to the LOCAL ADMIN GROUP. Add only the particaulr user otherwise you get what you just described.
You should only ad a SPECIFIC USER ot a group when possible. Adding any DOMINA USER to the powergroup will give ALL DOMAIN USERS the ability to have POWERUSER on all machines. Is that what you want?
If not just ad the particular user to the POWER USER group.

Jay_Jay70, why bust his chops for posting that here. It does have some legitmacy in Server 2003 since it's part of the domain. He may not know that it should be in MS Network, but its not a big deal. He's obviously not a native english speaker and problem does not see the difference.

Sorry.. JAY JAY... I see what you meant.. He obviously just does not understand... and I'm a bit of a DOLT as well.. LOL
thats ok, i was just wondering why it was reposted when the same answer was already given

no stress
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