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URGENT: PC is death

Posted on 2006-05-11
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2010-05-18
I hope some of you can help me out what could be wrong.
This morning I sat behind my PC working on it and heard a "PLOF". The PC was still working. Then I noticed that the connection to my ISDN device was death. At this point, the monitor still showed the OS as it seems working. Just a few second after that all was death.

There are no lights burning any more. Also no fans are running (not even the one from the accu device.
Can someone, based on these indications, tell me what is wrong?
Will it be the accu device or is it even worse like motherboard or chip?

Question by:Jeroen Rosink
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Expert Comment

by:Mohammed Hamada
ID: 16665051
Change the PWU, I guess it has been corrupted.
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Author Comment

by:Jeroen Rosink
ID: 16665063
Sorry, in this my English is bad or missing something in terminology. PWU is that the power supply unit?
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Expert Comment

by:Mohammed Hamada
ID: 16665075
Yep It is exactly what im refering to.
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Author Comment

by:Jeroen Rosink
ID: 16665080
Is there some trick to make sure that it is the PWU before buying it on first hand?
What Im trying to avoid is first buying a PWU, then a new motherboard, etc and at the end I have a new PC.

thanks in advance
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Accepted Solution

Mohammed Hamada earned 1000 total points
ID: 16665124
Here you must first check the wall outlet for power by connecting another device such as a radio or lamp to be sure power is present. If the computer is connected through a surge protector,check it as well.

If the wall out has power,check the power cable going to the PC to see if AC voltage is making its way to the system unit.Do this with the use of a multimeter.

If there is power,you will have to open the PC and check for power from the power supply to the motherboard.

When using a multimeter to check voltage,be sure you have a good ground for the black lead of the multimeter.

If the wall outlet,and the power cord are good,make sure the connection at the motherboard is secure.Then you may have to face the fact that the power supply itself is bad. If you have a Multimeter you can test the power supply output before purchasing a new one.Simply follow these steps.

Turn off the PC,but do not unplug it,open the system unit. Set the multimeter to read DC volts in the next range higher than 12 volts.Locate a power connector similair to the hard drive,or cdrom drive connector that is unused and turn on the PC.

You can also unplug a drive connector and use it as well.Turn on the PC and insert the BLACK probe into the power connector on one of the BLACK wires.Touch the RED probe to the YELLOW wire on the power connector.

The multimeter reading should be +12 volts Now touch the RED probe to the RED wire and the reading should be +5 volts. If no readings or different readings occured, you'll have to replace the power supply. If the readings were correct,you should check the P8 or P9 connectors at the motherboard. These connectors may also be
named P4 and P5.To check these connectors,perform the following...

Insert the BLACK probe into P8 at one of the BLACK wires. Insert the RED probe into the P8 connector at the RED wire. The reading on the multimeter should be +5 volts.

Check the power going to the Motherboard connections by inserting the RED probe into P8 at the YELLOW wire and you should get +12 volts.Leave the BLACK wire touching the black wire at the P8 connector.Check the BLUE wire and the reading should be a -12 volts.

Now move the BLACK probe to the BLACK wire on the P9 connector.Test the WHITE wire by inserting the RED probe and the reading should be -5 volts.Check the RED wires on the P9 connector and you should get +5 volts on each red wire.You won't get exactly 5 or 12 volts but the readings will be very close, such as 5.02 volts.

If the Power Supply is a couple of volts off,in either direction,such as when the RED wire should be reading -5 volts but it reads -8 volts, or if there are no readings, replace the power supply.

DO NOT remove the power supply from the system unit case when performing these tests. DO NOT perform these tests if you do not feel comfortable.Be sure to remove any and all electrical static build-up from your clothes and body BEFORE touching any parts inside the system unit. And NEVER open the power supply case for any reason,
since high voltage may be present.
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Assisted Solution

nobus earned 1000 total points
ID: 16665264
here the 20-pin pin-out :   http://xtronics.com/reference/atx_pinout.htm

here how to troubleshoot the PSU  :   http://www.fonerbooks.com/power.htm

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Author Comment

by:Jeroen Rosink
ID: 16665462
Thanks both for the comments.

Still a small comment from my site why I titled it as urgent since Im not able to check it know.
How pitty it seems Im nowhere without my PC. At this moment Im at work. And have to drive for over an hour to get back home tonight. This will means that im at home at 17:00. I imagine that with your information Im able to investigate the problem and buy a new device before closing time of the stores (18:00) Which means Im able to be online before 24:00 :)

So for me it was very urgent to get a directorion how to approach this situation.

If I could accept both answers I would have accepted both and not only accept and assist since both answers are valuable to me on same level.

also thanks for the advice not open  the power supply case. I noticed it was written in small letters on the case, still since Im a software tester we want to know what is inside. Based on your capitalized NEVER I will suppress my feelings not to open it.



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