Access to my website is goofy

Well, I'm trying to setup my first web server...  currently goes to nothing...

However, goes to my website, except it asks for a password.

If I type in the username/password of one of my ftp accounts, it will view the webpages  

Any idea what I should do to get my webpage viewable at by anybody?

Note: IUSR_HOSTNAME has read & execute permissions on the website folder

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1. Make sure the actual permissions set on the files themselves have the correct security

2. Their is an option to allow anonymous access to your website (unfortunately i cannot check this for you right now, but i will check this evening  on my web server, and post an update)

3. When trying to access your site, i got an error saying "Unknown host"
make sure that you have properly registered the domain name, and that your pointer records are updated.
EricIT ManagerCommented:
you have the domain registered if you can get to
you just need to add a hostname for www.

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EricIT ManagerCommented:



> set type=any
Address:    internet address =    nameserver =    nameserver =
        primary name server =
        responsible mail addr = admin
        serial  = 10
        refresh = 900 (15 mins)
        retry   = 600 (10 mins)
        expire  = 86400 (1 day)
        default TTL = 3600 (1 hour)      internet address =

Strange..  did you just make some changed that could still be replicating?
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EricIT ManagerCommented:
i typically use a host record not a cname when adding www.   Im not a dns guru.. but i manage 5 domains w/ no problems.
oxygen_728Author Commented:
Thank you for your replies... I will respond as soon as possible (in the middle of moving at the moment)
oxygen_728Author Commented:
For some unknown reason, I am now able to access the site with instead of just

We switched the settings at network solutions about 3 days ago...

both and both want a password, and it seems my ftp accounts work but not the IUSR_HOSTNAME account (which I assume is the anonymous account used)

Any tips?

P.S. I checked that the file security settings match the directory settings, and IUSR_HOSTNAME has read/execute rights on the web stuff
EricIT ManagerCommented:
yea that make sense.. because your provider knew about the www host, but others dint.

enable anonymous access is easy and works out fo the box.  i will look at my iis settings later and give some suggestions.

this on windows 2003?
oxygen_728Author Commented:
ya, windows server 2003.... I'm pretty sure I have anonymous access enabled...
EricIT ManagerCommented:
do properties on default website, go direcotry securty, anonymous access.  check anonymous access, then uncheck anything below.
oxygen_728Author Commented:
ecszone, the only thing listed below was Integrated Windows Authentication, however, it says that is only used when anonymous access isn't checked - and it is checked.

Currently, I'm getting a 401 error when trying to access, and I get nothing when I try to access

I am really at a loss here, any tips?

oxygen_728Author Commented:
I got the anonymous access stuff working... had to install a diagnostics tool called AuthDiag or something like that - I was able to spend about 5-10 minutes flipping a few settings (and activating a DLL) to get it working.

Fortunately the problem is now isolated to the DNS stuff...

So, I have my DNS setup in the following way:

Start of Authority
  Primary Server

General: Zone File Name

Zone Transfers: Allow zone transfers to any server

Wins: nada

Name Servers:

CNAME: ns1    Data:
CNAME: www Data:

Any tips?

I logged into our 'old' server.. and changed default.htm to display "DEFAULT.HTM on XPDA" or something like that.. so if that page comes up it's on the old server. The desired page at has some random content with some graphics.

Thanks for the help

EricIT ManagerCommented:
oups dint get notification last reply.

all set?

oxygen_728Author Commented:
Not really setup completely yes - but I think I understand the domain-related stuff now.

I appreciate your help.

If you're interested in helping my tackle the users issue, here's a link =)

Thanks again for your help ecszone
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Windows Server 2003

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